Technical Services


impetus technical department composed by technical supporting engineers,product development and design engineers.the formers will be in conjunction with the sales engineers to complete the communication with customers and technical advice to determine the technical solutions and corresponding product;the latter will be responsible for new products delvelopment and daily products designing .Senior technical staffs are from domestic Grade A industrial design institutions,or related industries with many years of development and manufacturing experience,they will provide customers with complete technical service.

Before-sales Services

Customers can get connection with us via online consultation, telephone consultation, mail consultation and other methods of communication, informing us of the needed equipment, service and questions. Our salesmen and technical engineers will recommend equipments, introduce the function of the equipment, plan the type of the equipment, inform of the price of the equipment and other series of service by knowing the customer’s working conditions and investment cost.

Through the pre-communication with the customers, we will launch a detailed configure request of the quoted price of the equipments and technical paper, so that the customers will check it and protocol a co-working contract.

According to the content of negotiations, signed industrial contracts, production planning , activate sale of service program , after approval of the contract , by the factory for production. We make managing archives for each equipment and system and the responsible person will do one-to-one following-up. The work includes, file the technical papers, administrate the purchase of raw material, process of purchasing the parts, follow-up of each step of quality examination, follow-up of rate of producing, follow-up of products debugging ect. In each process, we will communicate with the customers in time.

In the purchase of raw materials, purchased parts procurement management, we have maintained with large domestic enterprises, to ensure the procurement of raw materials is qualified, high quality. In equipment manufacturing, processing equipment and belongs to all four workshops, sheet metal processing, finishing, assembly, surface treatment, a clear division of labor, clear job responsibilities. We are based on the original, and actively develop new processing equipment and processing methods, automated operation, alternative labor costs, product quality and stability. Production process and strict management, compliance with ISO.