New Delivery for Impetus 3.5 Ton Diesel Forklift Trucks

Hereby I’m so pleased to share with you our new Impetus 6 units of 3.5 Ton Diesel forklift which are ready for shipping to our agent in Russian. Very pretty appearance, high configuration, best quality, factory price for you.

Impetus Forklift has so wide load capacity supply scope, including 1.5 ton to 13 tons diesel forklift trucks, 1,5Ton to 8Ton electric forklift trucks, 2 ton to 3.8ton LPG and Gasoline forklift trucks, 2.5Ton to 3.5Ton Rough Terrian forklift Trucks;

The diesel engine we use contains Chinese made engine (Xinchai, Chaochai, Xichai, etc) or Japanes engine(Isuzu, Nissan, Kubato,Mitisubishi, etc) It’s also availble to be with PSI engine (for LPG forklifts) or Cummins, Kohler engine to meet US market request with EPA certificate, or Euro 5 engine for Turkey market.

For impetus diesel forklifts, we provide high configuration pls see below in details:  

1. Power system

Equipped with Chinese powerful and reliable engines with excellent environmental performance: Original imported lsuzu, Mitsubishi and Cummins engines are optional.

2.Heavy-duty driving axle Install heavy-duty driving axle to ensure safety work at bad working conditions.

3.Hydrulic system Adopt advanced load sense technology which offers flow for steering system to save energy, protect environment, and lower the system heat.

If you have any interest in impetus forklifts, pls don’t hesitate to contact with us. We will make you our best offer with great technical support. Thanks for your attention.

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