More and more customers Visited to Impetus and Wontonne Factory

Impetus Forklift has been focused on the manufacture and sales of various forklifts and forklift attachments since 2006, Mr. Lin who worked at Linde Forklift company as an engineer from 1998, built his first company for spare parts list sales, then led to forklift attachments and impetus forklift in current. We‘ve grown up step by step all the time.

Impetus Forklifts contains below ranges:

1.5-ton to 13-ton Diesel forklift

1.5 ton to 8-ton Electric Forklift

2-ton to 4-ton LPG forklift

2.5 ton to 3.5 ton Rough Terrian Forklift

10ton to 35-ton heavy-duty diesel forklift, etc.

And it’s also available for MHE products in different load capacities and lifting heights for your options.

1.5-ton to 2.5-ton Electric Reach Truck,

1.2 ton to 2 Ton Electric Stacker,

1.5 ton and 2 Ton Electric pallet trucks

2-ton to 5-ton manual pallet trucks

With the time flow, Impetus Forklifts has already worked with many customers worldwide, and we have already had our forklift dealers in Russia, USA, Turkey, ect. and our forklift exported to many 70+ countries around the world. And more and more buyers visited our factory. Here below are some pics to share with you on our customer visit to us. Some of them ordered to us after visiting.

This is our US reseller who is very professional for the forklift maintenance and repairman with more than 35- year experience. He ordered from Impetus forklifts for 2 units of 4 Ton LPG forklifts and 3.5 ton Diesel Forklifts and some forklift attachments together. Here below are our Clients from Phillipines, who ordered to us for some forklifts and spare parts list.

Here below is Clients from Saudi Arabia for 2 ton to 3.5 ton diesel forklifts and forklift attachments.

Clients from Indonesia who is interest in 3 Ton diesel forklifts

The clients who is concerned on our forklift attachments, we can provide kinds of attachments including Bale clamps, Contrete clamps, Carton Clamps, Drup clamps, etc.

Best welcome to your visit when you have any interest in Impetus forklift, Come and Join us, so we can go forward a long-term business relationship with your esteemed company so soon.

Many thanks for all your concern

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