In the post-pandemic era, CeMAT Asia grandly opened in Shanghai On October 24. 

And it successfully concluded its four-day exhibition. Among the dozens of industry handling solutions and products developed and accumulated over the 20 years, Wontonne Group carefully selected several outstanding products to showcase. Three major products were presented at the event: an innovative product for the tire industry handling – Tire gripper, handling products with high adaptability and stability – double-cylinder synchronous telescopic forks, and environmentally friendly and economical electric pallet trucks. These products demonstrate that Wontonne Group not only provides one-stop material handling solutions but also has the capability to develop customized products for customers. In addition to meeting the demand for customized products in the high-end market, Wontonne Group has also introduced cost-effective products to meet various market needs.

Amidst the backdrop of rising labor costs and escalating industry competition, the role of material handling has grown increasingly pivotal in industrial manufacturing, logistics warehousing, and port facilities, etc. Material handling equipment undergoes continuous iterations and upgrades, with enterprises placing heightened importance on enhancing its efficiency, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. The ability to optimize and consistently improve the performance of handling equipment, as well as meet the ever-diversifying application needs of customers, stands as the core mission of Wontonne Group.

At this Shanghai exhibition, we once again demonstrated Wontonne Group’s strong technical foundation, well-developed manufacturing capabilities, and our steadfast commitment to sustainable development to both domestic and international clients. Our team of senior product experts and professional sales advisors worked together to patiently explain and showcase the details and functional value of Wontonne’s diverse range of products. We provided tailored solutions based on customer inquiries, taking into account their specific application scenarios, working conditions, and performance requirements.

Furthermore, through this exhibition, Wontonne Group engaged in in-depth discussions with global dealers to explore how to better adapt to and meet the needs of various regional markets and diverse application scenarios. Common ground was reached on topics such as enhancing material handling efficiency, reducing cargo damage, and supporting customers in cost reduction and efficiency improvement. This exchange provided Wontonne Group with a clearer understanding and a more defined direction on how to enhance collaboration with global regional agents and service providers in the future, ensuring the delivery of optimal solutions to end-users and fostering mutually beneficial relationships among manufacturers, channels, and customers.

WONTONNE Group has positioned itself as a trusted provider of material handling solutions since its inception. With a history spanning over 20 years, backed by substantial investments, adeptness in lean manufacturing, seamless supply chain integration and a skilled team specializing in professional design, we stand fully equipped to provide high-quality products and tailored solutions for forklift attachments(under WONTONNE brand), forklift trucks(under IMPETUS brand), as well as replacement parts for both.

Furthermore, our upcoming R&D center and advanced manufacturing industrial park, covering 30,000 m2 are scheduled to be operational by the end of 2023, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 units. These facilities will play a pivotal role in our long-term development strategy.

We are dedicated to delivering optimal solutions to our clients and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with our collaborators. Tailored to your needs, our comprehensive solutions encompass both standard products and locally customized designs. These solutions are designed to bolster your competitiveness in an ever-evolving business environment.

Over two decades, we have garnered favorable recognition across several markets, including China, ASEAN, Australia, South Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe. To better serve our local customers, we are now actively seeking local dealers and partners to strengthen our competitive presence in these regions.

Come and join us, your participation would be greatly appreciated.

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