Impetus 2.5 Ton Diesel Forklift is on hot sale.

Impetus internal combustion counterweight diesel forklifts, which has excellent shape design and vehicle performance. The continuous batch delivery is enough to prove its popularity in the entire market. With the continuous optimization and improvement of the whole machine and components, this forklift has been favored by more and more customers. Recently, another batch of 2.5 Tons Forklift were shipped. They will be shipped to Nigeria for use in its large warehouse and logistics industry.

Power System

Standard with high power xinchai diesel engine, strong power, reliable work. Customers can choose Isuzu, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Cummins and other brands to meet your different needs. Equipped with a large capacity maintenance-free battery, It can ensure that your forklift can operate continuously even if it starts and stops frequently. At the same time, the large opening Angle of the engine hood can facilitate maintenance.


The Forklift and main important parts are reliable and durable, with long service life, high stability and work efficiency, greatly improve the customers construction efficiency and economic benefit. And the mast system has been strengthened and be more safe.

Safe and Comfort

Equipped with a suspended widened seat and a small-diameter steering wheel, the joystick is optimally arranged on the right side of the steering wheel for easy access. The emergency-stop switch and hand brake switch prevent mis-operation and can provide all-round protection for the driver and the vehicle.

Cooling System

In countries such as Nigeria, where the temperature is almost constant, the heat dissipation performance of forklifts is particularly important. This forklift is loaded with oil-water separation tank, the heat dissipation area is large, the heat dissipation performance is significantly improved, while avoiding the water vapor generated by the machine operation into the engine, so that the machine performance is better played.

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The powerful power system, reliable performance, high safety and comfort, and good energy saving characteristics are typical highlights of this forklift. If you need to know more about the device, you are welcome to comment or leave a background message. Our sales team will provide you with professional c

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