Forklift Attachments for Industry Applications

This paper comprehensively analyzes the application of forklift attachments in different industries and evaluates their impact on improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring operational safety. Wontonne’s products are particularly recommended in this paper as they offer significant advantages in improving material handling efficiency.

I. Industry background and development trend

Forklift attachments, as a key tool for logistics and production automation, are constantly being revolutionized with the advancement of Industry 4.0. Intelligent and automated forklift attachments not only improve operational efficiency but also reduce labor costs and operational risks. In the future, forklift attachments will pay more attention to the integration of the Internet of Things, big data, and other technologies to realize the deep integration of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing.

1.1 The development of forklift attachments: Forklift attachments from the initial simple auxiliary tools to today’s diversified, intelligent equipment, its evolution reflects the development trend of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing.

1.2 Current technology trends.

l Intelligent: Integration of advanced sensors and control systems to realize

autonomous operation and intelligent decision-making.

l Automation:  Integration with automated Warehouse Management System (WMS) to improve cargo access efficiency.

l Versatility: Developing multifunctional attachments to accommodate different shapes and sizes of loads.

1.3 Future Development Direction: It is expected that forklift attachments will further integrate with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve higher levels of automation and intelligence.

II. Classification and application of forklift attachments

Forklift attachments can be categorized into side-shift forks, pitch forks, paper roll clamps, soft package clamps, multi-purpose flat clamps, pushers, pullers, and swivels according to their functions and application scenarios. Each type of attachment is designed for specific handling needs to accommodate different shapes and sizes of loads.

Wontonne offers forklift attachments that cover a wide range of applications from lightweight electronics to heavy-duty manufacturing. Each attachment is carefully designed to meet specific operational requirements.

Forklift Attachment Recommendation List

Gear typeapplicatio n scenarioFunctional Descriptionspecificitiescarrying capacityInstallation formProduct Links
side-shift forkWarehous e loading and unloading, narrow aisle handlingRealize left and right movement alignment of goods for accurate fork picking and stacking.Improves loading and unloading efficiency and reduces operating space requirement s.2500~8000kgExternal, IntegralSide-shift Forks Product Links
pitchforkDiversified pallet handlingHydraulically adjusting the fork spacing enables the handling of palletized goods of different specification s.Easy handling and improved handling flexibility.1500~8000kgWall-mounte d, IntegralPitch Fork Product Links
paperclipIndustryas paper rolls and plastic film rolls for damage-free loading, unloading and stacking.Reduces cargo rolling and damage and improves handling safety.1200kg~1500k gmountedLinks
velcroTextile and chemical fiber industryHandling of soft packaged goods such as cotton and chemical fiber packages and wool packages.The clamping force is evenly distributed to avoid cargo deformation.1400kg~5300k gmountedSoft Wrap Clips Product Links
Multi-Purpos e Flat ClipHome appliances , electronics and other industriesRealize palletless handling of boxed goods and save pallet costs.Save pallet usage and reduce logistics costs.700kg~2000kgmountedMulti-Purpos e Flat Clamps Product Links
push-pullFood, light electronics industryPalletless handling and stacking of unitized goods.Easy operation and improved space utilization.1700kg~2400k gWall-mounte d, quick releasePush-Pull Product Links
rotatorsIndustries that require goods to be turned over, such as food processingRotate 360 degrees to flip cargo and empty containers.360-degree swivel function for increased operational flexibility.2000kg~3600k gmountedRotator Product Links

Wontonne’s forklift attachments are not only high performing, but also easy to install. Customers can choose between external or integral mounting to suit different forklift models and operating environments. Each attachment has unique features and application scenarios to meet the specific needs of different industries.

Recommended Products

·     FD30T3TonDieselForklift: for heavy-duty material handling, providing power and stability. Learn more about the FD30T3TonDieselForklift

·     WT-15BS1.5TonElectricStacker: Electric stacker for indoor light duty operation, easy to operate,energy saving and environmental protection. Learn More

·     DM450ContainerReachStacker: Container Reach Stacker, designed for container handling,improves operational efficiency in ports and logistics centers. Learn more

III. Industry-specific qualitative analysis

According to the report released by Huajing Industry Research Institute, forklift downstream applications are wide-ranging, with manufacturing demand accounting for about 52% and logistics and transshipment demand accounting for about 16%.

Different industries have their own needs for forklift attachments. The logistics industry focuses on loading and unloading efficiency and cargo flow speed, the manufacturing industry focuses on material supply and finished product handling in the production line, and the warehousing industry attaches importance to space optimization and cargo management efficiency.

sectorparticular requirementChallenges faced
logistics industryEfficient loading and unloading, fast flowSpace constraints, cargo diversity
service industryAccurate material supply, finished product handlingLine Flexibility Requirements
Warehousing IndustrySpace optimization, efficient managementInventory management, classification and tracking
paper industryBulk paper roll handlingPaper roll breakage prevention
Chemical industrySafe handling of chemicalsCargo stability and security
Food industryCleaning, sanitary handlingNon-polluting handling requirements

Recommended Products

  • PaperRollClamps: Paper Roll Clamps, designed for the paper industry for breakage-free handling and increased operational efficiency. Learn more about PaperRollClamps
  • TyreAttachments: Tire clamps for tire handling, improving logistics efficiency and reducing labor costs. Learn more about TyreAttachments
  • PushandPull: Pushers and pullers for handling unitized goods by means of skids for a wide range of packaging types. Learn more

IV. Practical application scenarios and workflows

The practical application of forklift attachments in the workflow of different industries demonstrates their importance in improving operational efficiency and reducing operational difficulties.

A Logistics Industry Workflow

The workflow in the logistics industry consists of goods arriving at the dock, sorting the goods and loading the goods onto trucks. Side-shift and spacing forks are used for fast loading and unloading at the dock, and pushers and pullers are used for unitized cargo handling.

working sessionOrder of use of attachmentsOperator requirementsGoods Status Requirements
Cargo arrives at the terminalside-shift forkSkilled in the operation of side-shift forksPalletized goods are neatly stacked
Cargo classificationpitchforkAdjustable fork spacingPalletized goods of different sizes
Cargo loadingpush-pullFast loading skillsUnitized goods, no pallets required

B Manufacturing workflow

The workflow in the manufacturing industry covers raw material handling, line feeding and finished product crating and handling. Electric pedestrian warehouse forklifts and electric ride-on warehouse forklifts play an important role in this industry.

working sessionOrder of use of attachmentsOperator requirementsGoods Status Requirements
Raw material handlingpitchforkPrecise control of attachmentsRaw material dimensional consistency
Production Line FeedingMulti-Purpose Flat ClipFamiliar with the production line processStandardized packaging of goods
Finished product crating and handlingrotatorsCapable of fine manipulationFinished products need to be neatly arranged for easy packing

C Warehouse Industry Workflow

The workflow in the warehousing industry includes goods-in, goods-storage and inventory management. Multiple flat clamps and side shift forks are used to increase the efficiency of warehousing operations.

working sessionOrder of use of attachmentsOperator requirementsGoods Status Requirements
Goods in storageMulti-Purpose Flat ClipFamiliar with warehouse management systemClear classification of goods
Cargo storageside-shift forkPrecise placement of goodsGoods need to meet storage standards
Inventory managementpush-pullAbility to manage inventory efficientlyEasy identification and tracking of goods


working sessionOrder of use of attachmentsWorkload assessmentAssessment of the difficulty of the workOperator requirementsGoods Status Requirements
Cargo arrives at the terminalside-shift fork75Skilled in the operation of side-shift forksPalletized goods are neatly stacked
Cargo classificationpitchfork43Adjustable fork spacingPalletized goods of different sizes
Cargo loadingpush-pull86Fast loading skillsUnitized goods, no pallets required
Raw material handlingElectric walk-behind storage forklift54Familiar with electric operationRaw materials are neatly stacked
Production Line FeedingElectric Ride-on Warehouse Forklifts65Precise control of forkliftsStandardized packaging of goods
Finished product crating and handlingrotators97Ability to operate with precisionFinished products need to be neatly arranged for easy packing

The assessment of workload and work difficulty is quantified in terms of the complexity of the operation and the time required. For example, cargo loading is relatively high in workload and difficulty because it involves fast and precise operations.

The assessment figures for workload and work difficulty in the above table are illustrative. The actual quantitative assessment needs to be determined according to the specific operating environment, the proficiency of the operator and the actual condition of the cargo.

Recommended Products

·     Jib Crane: Cranes in machinery attachments for working at height and material handling to improve operational safety and efficiency. Learn more

reach a verdict

The application of forklift attachments in various industries shows their key role in

enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring operational safety. Through

rational selection and use of attachments, the efficiency of people, goods and machines working together can be significantly improved, realizing a more efficient and economical logistics and production process.

Please note that the data and lifting effects in this report are based on general industry knowledge and assumptions, and the data in actual applications may vary according to specific operating environments and conditions. For more detailed data, please refer to the “China Forklift Industry Market In-depth Analysis and Investment Potential Forecast Report 2023-2028” published by Huajing Industry Research Institute. Huajing Industry Research Institute Report Link

These advantages are further reinforced by the recommended products offered by Wontonne, which meet the specific needs of customers in different industries through professional design and efficient performance.

Wontonne Corporation has over 20 years of industry experience as a leading solutions provider in the material handling equipment industry. The company focuses on providing new forklifts, forklift attachments and their replacement parts that maximize customers’ handling efficiency through expert design, lean manufacturing and supply chain integration.

Visit Wontonne’s official website,, for more product information and industry applications.

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